One of the things that is important about our business is we don’t just do HR. We want to try and understand the business’ goals where the business owner is trying to take the business – and then help them build a team & culture.

One of the main reasons why I really felt there was value in joining The Coffee Commune Community was that my values and my ethos in running a business heavily align. It’s all about building experiences – and that’s what Phil and Gianna are all about. It’s also about, looking from a HR perspective, there’s internal experiences – that you create for your staff so you can attract and retain great people. Then you’ve got to have the customer focus as well – which is the external factors.

Before I started doing my studies and building my career, I spent about five years in hospitality – so I have also worked in the industry not just supported it from a HR perspective. I think that building deep relationships, particularly now and in the future, is something that’s really important both for businesses and communities. That’s one of the other reasons why I feel this is a great community to be part of.