Where the coffee community collaborates to help accelerate your business

The Networking Hub is where the ideas to accelerate your business start, where our network of Coffee Commune members collaborate to develop the ideas and special offers that will help build your profitability, and where the industry can showcase new ideas, new products and smarter ways of doing business.

Coffee Commune Training Room For Hire

Our Facilities

Cafe, Events & Functions

We hold a number of events and functions in our state-of-the-art cafe facility. It is all designed to provide attendees with information, networking opportunities and an overall great experience.

Coffee Green Beans

Our green bean partner (International Coffee Traders) provides local roasters with access to amazing green beans products.

Coffee Roasting Services

Our coffee roasting partner (Coffee Alliance) work on-site to assist roasters with their production needs.

Coffee Training

Our expert team can help you with your barista skills, no matter your experience!

Meeting & Training Rooms

Do you need a boardroom or meeting space? Or maybe you need a coffee machine training room for your staff? We’ve got you covered on all fronts!

Barista training