The world has changed. Skills, fuel, and supply shortages have exacerbated an already difficult marketplace. This makes one thing abundantly clear – for the coffee industry to have a sustainable future, we need to work together. Collectively, we can grow stronger, and by sharing knowledge, and ideas we can become more viable and profitable businesses.

Welcome to the Coffee Commune, a network of like-minded people in the coffee industry focused on three outcomes:

  1. Increasing the buying power of our members
  2. Finding smarter ways to acquire the skills the industry needs
  3. Facilitating new and innovative solutions to keep the industry sustainable and strong

Founded by Phillip Di Bella and headquartered in Brisbane, the Coffee Commune is a select group of aligned industry partners, working collaboratively with our membership body of café and restaurant owners, baristas and roasters, and coffee enthusiasts, who all share the same passion for a strong, vital hospitality industry. Our strategy is simple:

  • Build a powerful network of passionate members to give the industry the buying power necessary to stay viable in a tough market.
  • Ensure the network is made up of clever, innovative people who think outside the square and are prepared to share their ideas for the prosperity of other members.
  • Combine the knowledge, expertise and skills of the network, with carefully structured training programs.