Meet Peter Kaselakis, the owner of Providore & Co Coffee Roasters, and a seasoned figure in the coffee industry for over 25 years. For the past 8 years, Peter has spearheaded Providore & Co, serving as a dedicated coffee roaster, wholesaler, and distributor.

As a valued long-term partner of the Coffee Commune, Providore & Co is a go-to destination for supplying premium coffees and teas.  Under the Providore & Co business, is Kasa Coffee, a premium boutique coffee brand, alongside a range of associated coffee products from teas and cups to espresso cleaners and alternative milks.

We recently spoke with Peter about his collaborative experiences with the Coffee Commune, delving into what a typical day looks like, the biggest challenges he faces in his business, the significant benefits he gains, and the invaluable relationship Providore & Co shares with the Coffee Commune.