Delivering reliability and peace of mind with quality, durable equipment. Setting the benchmark with state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly innovating to improve product quality, production time and cost of labour.

‘At Sanremo we are passionate about selling state-of-the-art coffee machines, but we are also passionate about helping café and hospitality owners identify the things they can be doing to maximise performance and efficiency. We’ve helped a lot of owners understand how their equipment and bench set-up can contribute to the profitability of their business. The wrong set up can do the exact opposite, by increasing wait times and turning a great coffee experience into an ordinary experience that can turn customers away.

We want to contribute to the success of the industry, that’s why we joined The Coffee Commune, they share the same vision. Being a member is like being part of a knowledge eco-system focused on coffee, generating ideas and product innovations to maximise individual business profitability and sustainability.’

Alessandro Calabrisello, General Manager of Sanremo Coffee Machines Australia