If you want the best coffee, you’ve got to use the best roasting technology. The consistency of your roast can be vastly affected by the equipment and its calibration and maintenance.

As a member of The Coffee Commune, you’ll have access to a wide range of roasting equipment to help you make your coffee as unique as your business.

Our coffee roasting equipment has been chosen from our many years of experience in producing award-winning coffee. And, it is maintained daily by our experienced roasting team.

We have machines that can cater for the enthusiast wanting to create a 1kg blend, right up to our 240kg commercial roasters. Our bagging and packaging equipment will ensure your coffee is preserved and shipped in a timely and professional manner.

240kg roaster

ROASTER 240 kg - IMF

  • Number: 2 available
  • Capacity of 240 kg | 720 kg/hour per machine

We have two IMF 240kg roasters in our facilities that can be operated by one or two people. These machines can roast tons of coffee, batch after batch, with an even consistency. The touch-screen PLC automatically controls every stage of the roasting process, from loading green bean silos to roasting, cooling and de-stoning.

The secret of the machine’s consistency is its unique Vortex and Equalizer roasting technology, guaranteeing precision batch roasting. To ensure consistent roasts, the Vortex system mixes ambient air into the hot airstream before it enters the roaster through an electronically operated modulating valve.

The Equalizer ensures that the same volume of air enters the roaster. This feature is designed to surround the perforated alloy drum surface, giving even heat distribution across the entire surface of each coffee bean and eliminating any temperature fluctuation inside the drum.

Temperature and air volume can be adjusted according to the coffee blend or individual origin using the PLC touch-screen. IMF’s technology saves at least 30 per cent in gas consumption.

IMF’s integrated roaster, chaff collector, afterburner, destoner and loader results in the smallest footprint on the market, while roasting large volumes.

We have two of these machines

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Coffee Roasting Equipment


  • Number: 2 available
  • Capacity of 22 kg | 66kg/hour per machine

We have two phantom series 22kg roasters at the Coffee Commune.  The Phantom is a high quality machine that gives users greater control over a wider range of roasting profiles, from filter to espresso and milk-based.

The double wall drum design with a floating outer layer enables air circulation between layers for more responsiveness during roasting. This ensures the inner layer is insulated directly from the burners to reduce roasting defects.

The burners feature energy efficient heating with a very low turn-down ratio for fine profile control, right down to minimal batch size. It has very quick cooling (2-3mins with a high capacity 1.5kw cooling motor), and simultaneous roasting and cooling allow maximum production output.

The third-generation all-inclusive software platform offers advanced data logging functionality along with cloud-based technology to store profiles.

This is the most efficient, compact, and safest roaster on the market.  You’ll love it!

We have two of these machines.

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Coffee Roasting Equipment


  • Number: 1 available
  • Capacity of 1 kg | 3kg/hour

Roast your very own coffee beans with one of our 1KG Electronic Coffee Roasters. This machine is perfect for someone looking to start roasting their own coffee the way they like it. 

It is versatile and durable, used extensively in coffee roasting labs and coffee academies.  The roasting time on this machine is 10 minutes for light roasting / 15 minutes for deep roasting. The roasting type is semi- hot blast and half direct fire.  A great machine to learn the secret art of roasting!

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Coffee Roasting Equipment


  • Number: 1 available
  • Capacity of 50 gram

The IKAWA Pro50 is the latest generation of sample roaster that gives you the capability to elevate your sample roasting. It’s known for its simplicity, consistency, repeatability, portability, connectivity, and reliability.

Use our sample roaster to perfect your roasting profile before committing to a larger batch. Experiment with flavours and blends from our wide selection of green beans.

Coffee Roasting Equipment


We have all you need to help pack your coffee once it’s roasted.  From automated packing machines to boxes.

  • 2 x 2 head automatic weighing machines
  • 1 single head weighing machine
  • Calibrated trade scales
  • Heat sealers
  • Coffee packaging
  • Boxes
  • Tapes
  • Date guns
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