Electronic Living

The hospitality industry thrives on providing exceptional experiences to guests. In an increasingly digital world, technology plays a pivotal role in creating memorable and seamless encounters.

Electronic Living, a leading technology integration company, understands the unique needs of businesses in the hospitality sector. With expertise in implementing cutting-edge solutions, Electronic Living empowers hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments to elevate their guest experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and create a lasting impression.

Specifically, Electronic Living work with venues to provide turn-key integrated lighting, audio, video, security, network and control solutions – providing a sophisticated entertainment environment in the following areas:

  • Intelligent Lighting Control: Ambience and mood consistency through automated lighting systems that tie into music, events and adjust automatically depending on the time of day.
  • Evenly Dispersed Audio: From basic background music to large front of house systems to support live music, patrons are immersed in full, even coverage of sound that does not overbear.
  • High-Definition Distributed Video: Expanding the reach to patrons with video content for advertising and events distributed across menu boards, large format video walls or projection systems.
  • Robust Security: Ensure venues are safe and secure at all times with security systems alongside monitored and logged-access control solutions to make sure only the desired people have access.
  • Interactive Control: Bring all aspects of a venue such as lighting, audio, CCTV, blinds, sheers, louvres, security and diagnostics into one easy to use interface.
  • CCTV: CCTV solutions that meet OLGR (Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation) requirements – offering clear, concise coverage of the venue with the ability for people-counting and POS integrations.

Since the establishment of the Coffee Commune in 2020, our team has engaged Electronic Living for several projects relating to the above products & services. This includes our CCTV & Security Camera systems, which Electronic Living supplied & installed. Additional safely products such as door contacts & smoke alarms were also supplied, installed & tested.

Back up power was also installed, so that if there’s ever a power outage, our café and reception can continue to operate using a stored power source.

If you’re in need of any of the services that Electronic Living provide, working with their team takes just 4 simple steps:

  1. Consultation & Quote
    Our team will consult with you to learn about your technology needs. Then, we’ll provide you with a proposal and scope of works.
  2. Concept & Design
    Once the proposal has been accepted, our design team begins preparation of detailed cabling plans, floor plan overlays, elevations, and schematics.
  3. Installation & Handover
    Our projects team will work with all required stakeholders to ensure the efficient delivery of your project, to time and budget.
  4. Service & Maintenance
    On top of our typical support, we can offer preventative maintenance and ongoing servicing of your smart technology solutions.

To find out more about how Electronic Living can help your business, speak to one of their professionals today!




Being partnered with the Coffee Commune was a logical extension of our business. It is a great opportunity to showcase our equipment range, however, we also see the immense value to the industry of being part of the Coffee Commune’s exceptional training facilities
Fabio Cordovado Director CWE
Labour laws are more and more complex and hard to understand; Through our membership with Coffee Commune, we have constant access to a HR/IR hotline. Quick and Easy.
Phil Johnson Founder and owner Chef
Ecco Bistro
Coffee Commune’s advice, support, and network, helped reduce the red tape, gave us direction, and saved us valuable time.
Sarah Buiso Restaurant Owner of Da Buiso
…if our clients grow, we grow. The Coffee Commune has been invaluable in helping us spread that message.
Vince Monardo Naked Syrups
We are passionate about collaborating with the coffee community to make a real difference for business owners. We look forward to continuing to work with The Coffee Commune.
Matt Allington Partner, Business Services
BDO (Australia)
…we’re passionate about helping businesses identify the things they can be doing to maximise performance.
Alessandro Calabrisello General Manager
Sanremo Coffee Machines Australia