Coffee Alliance is a roaster, a problem solver and a trusted partner in helping others accelerate their business potential. Whether you’re a seasoned roaster, or a beginner, if you want to roast your own, or let us roast for you, we have the equipment, the experience and the knowledge to help you get the job done.

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Roast Your Own

We have everything you need to roast your own, all state of the art, without the expense of running a roastery, and with experts always on hand if you need one.

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We Roast for You

We can take the hassle off your hands and become your experienced production team. No job too big, or too small, no challenge too difficult.

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White Label Roasting

Want to continue building your own brand? We can help you with your own unique blend, ensure consistency and support you through to delivery.

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The Start-Up – you’re looking for a career change, a side-hustle business or want to establish your own coffee brand leverage our expertise to get it right; use our facilities so you don’t have to risk capital and profitability leasing space and investing in capital.

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The Scale-Up – your current facility doesn’t match your growth plan. Don’t invest in further infrastructure – roast with us.

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The Emergency Breakdown – emergencies happen – Coffee Alliance is on hand to ensure you never miss a delivery, you won’t miss a beat and your customers won’t know the difference.

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The Overflow – you get the huge order you have been chasing or a surge of orders coming in and not enough staff or equipment. Coffee Alliance can step and help you fulfill them.

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The Vacation – you or your roasting team need a break, go on holidays but can’t afford to stop production or switch off your website. Coffee Alliance can keep production moving and orders flowing with freshly roasted coffee.

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Drop-shipping Distribution

Another way Coffee Alliance can help you become more sustainable and more profitable.  Add an extra sales channel to your existing business, start an new online business or automate  and streamline your existing online coffee business.

Drop-shipping is a hassle-free distribution system where Coffee Alliance handles production and ships your unique blend directly to your customers. You control and own the relationship with your customers, we do all the work in the background to get your coffee to your customers quickly without your team even touching it.  All you need is an e-commerce store front and we take care of the rest. The no-fuss three-step fully automated distribution process ensures you and your customers are winners.

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Roasting with Coffee Alliance opens even more doors for Coffee Commune members:

  • Member discount on roasting volume
  • Free Business Development coaching
  • Free Espresso Masterclass Roasting Course
  • Professional support in selecting and negotiating coffee equipment purchase and installation
  • Member discount on Drop Shipping