11 gifts every coffee drinker would love

hand holding hand coffee grinder
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Most of us have an Olympic-level coffee drinker in our lives. Whether they’re a brewing beginner or a seasoned coffee professional, here’s a round-up of fun and useful gifts that would make any coffee lover reach for their favourite grind and get brewing.

Coffee mugs that remind you to get a top up

coffee mug with empty / full refill graphic on the bottomTime for a refill? This one of a kind ceramic cup and saucer set is the perfect gift for an early riser. Designed for the cafe and restaurant industry, these textured black and white mugs feature a refill graphic on the base. (Fun fact: the idea for the refill graphic came from Phillip Di Bella’s daughter, Arnika!)

Price: $9.25

Retail items from local vendors

retail shelf at a cafe featuring plungers, presses and moka pots

These days you’ll find more cafes with fully stocked retail shelves featuring all sorts of goods for the home coffee enthusiast, from bagged coffee to Keep Cups to coffee-themed accessories like these wooden boards from Coffee Mentality). Support local by shopping local this Christmas!

A gift voucher to their favourite cafe

the coffee commune bowen hills

Speaking of shopping local, cafe hopping regulars will appreciate a gift voucher for a caffeine hit at their favourite establishment. Buying a gift card is a great way to support the local hospitality industry – because let’s face it, they’ve had a rough 18 months. Why not tell your family that you want to receive a gift voucher to your favourite pitstop as well?

Aeropress Espresso Maker

aeropress kit layed out

For the coffee lover who is always on the go, we recommend giving one of the most versatile coffee brewers on the planet – the Aeropress. This is a convenient way to brew excellent coffee either at home or travelling. It’s relatively easy to use (check out our how-to video), practically unbreakable and makes great tasting coffee!

Price: $44.90

Pair it with: A bag of single origin beans (from $12)

V60 Coffee Dripper

v60 coffee dripper device on a table

Pour-over coffee makers like the V60 dripper and V60 coffee server are perfect for those who love the process and art of brewing. Resembling something out of a science lab, the design is super fun to use and you can visually enjoy the coffee running through the device. This is a really solid coffee brewer that produces a delicate and smooth coffee at home with little fuss. (Don’t forget the filters!)

Price: From $12.50

Beans, beans, beans

coffee sampler box from the coffee commune

Of course, no coffee lovers guide would be complete without some actual coffee. A high quality specialty Christmas blend would make an excellent festive gift for a friend. If you want to splurge a little more, try this sampler box from our Private Coffee Collection, which features four specialty coffees in one box.

Price: From $12

A coffee subscription service

liquid gold by the coffee commune

Something a little more fun than just your average bag of coffee, a coffee subscription truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Coffee enthusiasts can try new specialty roasted blends each month, and you can choose how long and how often you’d like them to receive it.

Our specialty coffee subscription Liquid Gold by The Coffee Commune is a unique coffee experience, sending the receiver two bags of exclusive high end single origin or limited release coffee blends each month, all packaged and delivered in a gift box. Although the December release is now closed, you’ve got until the end of the year to sign up for the January release of Liquid Gold.

Price: $89.95 per month or a one-time purchase

Or design and roast your own!

coffee roaster with beans pouring out

For the coffee enthusiast who wants to learn more about the art of the roast, why not give the gift of a coffee roasting experience. In this interactive session, they’ll learn all about the dark art of coffee roasting, how to taste and evaluate different flavours, and design and roast a coffee blend to take home. This gift can also be redeemed whenever it suits the recipient.

Price: $100 per person

Hand Grinder

hand holding hand coffee grinder

You need a good grinder if you want to make tasty coffee. If you can afford it, go for the Varia Hand Grinder. Designed for high performance, this is an advanced, all round grinder that works for any brewing method. It comes with a compact travel case with room for your coffee and filters as well. Sure, it’s a significant investment but that’s what makes it the perfect gift idea.

Price: $195

A private coffee training class

hand pouring latte art

Enthusiastic home coffee connoisseurs will appreciate an investment into their barista knowledge with a private or group coffee training session. Learn the basics of coffee production, espresso and milk texturing and more! There’s even a latte art class for those looking for something a bit more advanced. Whoever you gift this to will be making you silky flat whites in no time!

Price: $150 per person

A Coffee Enthusiasts Membership at The Coffee Commune

training room at the coffee commune

Last but not least, why not join a group of like-minded coffee soul mates? Explore your love affair with coffee with a 12-month membership to The Coffee Commune. Members will get access to state-of-the-art machines and equipment to learn how to roast their own beans at home, and even attend two barista classes a year to help master coffee craft and latte art.

And the best part about giving a membership as a gift is that it delivers not just once, but all year around.

Price: $25 per month or $295 annually

The Coffee Commune