About Us

The world has changed, and one thing is abundantly clear – for the coffee industry to have a sustainable future, we need to work together.

The Coffee Commune is a community of coffee and hospitality professionals, driven by the belief that together we can grow stronger and achieve more.

Founded by Phillip Di Bella and headquartered in Brisbane, The Coffee Commune is a dedicated facility for café and hospitality professionals, coffee enthusiasts, businesses, and suppliers to learn from each other and accelerate their business.

The Coffee Commune is an ecosystem where the café and hospitality industry can do business together to consolidate, from plantation to consumer. Our role is to connect the dots between green bean suppliers, roasters, cafes, and restaurants so they can operate efficiently.

Our mission is to become an industry body that influences decision making at the highest levels of local and state government. Our ambition is to help individuals and businesses become more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable.

Our success is measured by your success.

Our membership programs are tailored to offer business and personal development increased buying power, valuable connections, peer exchange among equals, and practical business content, resources, and advice.

Whether you are supplying green beans, roasting your own coffee blends, operating a café, increasing your own knowledge for coffee, or simply creating memorable coffee experiences, your journey with us will open up opportunities for network growth, enhanced learning, and collaboration with industry experts.

We also have an exclusive Coffee Commune online shop. If you’re looking for a gift for a coffee lover, this is the perfect place to fill up your shopping cart! Head over to our shop via https://shop.coffeecommune.com.au/ 


Together, we’ll grow stronger.

Welcome to The Coffee Commune – join the family and become a member today.