The Coffee Commune is home to a modern, state-of-the-art facility for coffee production. If you are in the business of brewing and serving coffee, the ability to roast your own beans opens up many possibilities, making your business more sustainable and profitable. The Coffee Commune caters to seasoned roasters right through to beginners. Roast your own, let us roast your beans for you, or we can teach you the tricks of the trade, so you create your own perfect blend every time.

Our coffee roasting services are made to order and delivered to your front door. You can roast your own coffee, or as mentioned, learn how to master the art with our coffee masterclass and coffee roasting courses

For the best coffee roasters in Brisbane, then look no further than The Coffee Commune. As innovators and lovers of coffee, we thrive with our friendly community of coffee and hospitality professionals. We are driven by the belief that by working together, we can grow stronger and achieve even more. 

Our goal is to help businesses and individuals like yourself become more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable in the world of coffee. Our locally roasted coffee has been carefully blended to perfection, and we offer nothing less than superb custom coffee blends, for your specialty coffee roasting needs, including your green coffee beans. We also provide private label coffee roasters for exclusive and specific sellers. 

Your Brisbane coffee roaster membership  

As champions of the coffee and hospitality industry, we even offer coffee memberships — whether you’re a roaster, cafe owner, supplier, barista, coffee enthusiast or in residence. By offering six different memberships for you to choose from, we aim to deliver the most incredible opportunities for success that’ll elevate your role in the competitive coffee and hospitality industry. 

Want to try our coffee before you join the cream of the crop? Visit our cafe in Brisbane, explore our unique coffee mecca, and make The Coffee Commune your local favourite.


How much does it cost to roast coffee at Coffee Commune?

Our coffee roasters can be booked for you to roast for your own home or cafe. Depending on the type of coffee roaster you select, we have various options for you to choose from. All our coffee roasters require a $50 deposit and cost from $100 for 2 hours of usage.  We will provide you with an estimate of costs based on your needs, materials and volume.  Members of our community receive discounted rates. Simply book your roaster of choice online today.

Where are Coffee Commune Roaster facilities located?

Our Coffee Commune Roaster facilities are located in Brisbane, Australia, with our roasting facility and administration open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4.30 pm.

What should I look for when renting a coffee bean roaster from Coffee Commune?

It’s essential to look for a coffee bean roaster that suits and aligns with your skillset, capacity and understanding of how to use it. Our coffee roasters are catered for beginners through to seasoned roasters, and our team can assist you with making the right choice.  We will have an experienced roaster on hand to run you through how to use the equipment on your first visit.

How do I roast my own coffee beans with Coffee Commune?

At The Coffee Commune, we offer a wide range of coffee roasting equipment to help you on your coffee making journey. Our machines are constantly checked with frequent maintenance and calibration so that your unique, delicious roasted blend can have long-term consistency — regardless of whether they’re created for personal or wholesale use with private or white label coffee roasting. Enquire today about our coffee roasting services and learn how to roast your coffee beans with The Coffee Commune.

How do I customise my green coffee bean blend with Coffee Commune?

If you’re looking to customise your green coffee bean blend, our Intro to Micro Roasters are perfect for you. Making the switch from purchasing green coffee beans to roasting your own is an exciting journey, and learning how to source and roast the finest green beans we have at The Coffee Commune will quickly develop into a passion for creating unique blends we know you’ll love. If you’re looking to customise your blend, enquire online now to learn with our masterclasses, origin tours, roasting advice and the most important — blend development.

Does Coffee Commune do white label or private label coffee roasting?

Here at Coffee Commune, we provide not only white-label coffee roasting but also private label coffee roasting. We believe our community should be able to alter their coffee blend plus have exclusive access to our premium coffee blends. Contact our team today to learn more about our white and private label coffee roasters.

You can launch your own coffee brand without the huge startup investment. Our state-of-the-art facility is completely at your disposal, with access to roasting machines, packaging supplies, packing equipment, green beans and quality control lab for The Coffee Commune members.

As a roaster you will be drawn quickly into the role of the artisan, carefully overseeing your roast to ensure the perfect result. Roasting your own beans gives you control over the quality and consistency of the coffee used in your brew.

Sourcing your beans directly from producers around the world provides an intimate knowledge of the coffee characteristics and the flavours that it can be expected to produce. It is the roasting process that ultimately determines how these green bean characteristics will be transformed to create the ultimate drinking experience for your customers.

Coffee drinkers love to know the origin of “their cup”, and roasting your own coffee at The Coffee Commune enables you to tell this story, without the risk and infrastructure costs of establishing a roasting plant, leaving more time and money for you to expand your business.

Have you ever dreamed of serving your customers your own brand of coffee?

Roasting makes it possible to develop your unique blends and then brand them as your own. With clever marketing, your coffee brand will be sought by cafes, restaurants, and retailers, paving the way for potential expansion of your business operation.

Consider us your production team. If you have an idea, launch it and use us to do all the production and order fulfillment, while you focus on building your business.

We are known in the industry as the remediation experts. We are often bought in to roast for roasters when they experience challenges with equipment breakdowns, staff resourcing, production disruption or holiday coverage. We have the processes and people in place ready to fix your roasting problems, alleviate production issues, and restore your supply chain, whether as a ‘once-off’ or on a consistent contractual basis. Partner with us knowing that you have control over the quality and consistency of the roasting production and supply under any and all circumstances.

The selection of roasting equipment, and its ongoing calibration and maintenance, can have a long-term impact on the consistency of your roast. As a member of The Coffee Commune, you’ll have access to a wide range of roasting equipment to help you make your coffee as unique as your customer.

Impress your current and potential customers, with access to our well-equipped cupping lab, coffee training rooms and meeting rooms. As a member, you can book any of these resources online.

Roasting Machines

  • IKAWA sample roaster
  • 1KG JYR electric
  • 5KG Rio roaster
  • 22kg Phantom
  • 22Kg Phantom
  • 240KG IMF


  • 2x 2 head automatic weighing machines
  • 1 single head weighing machine
  • Caloibrated Trade Scales
  • Heat sealers
  • Packaging
  • Boxes
  • Tapes
  • Date Guns

Cupping Lab & Coffee Training

  • SCA Certified Equipment
  • Colour Analyser
  • EK 43 Grinder
  • Cupping bowls
  • SCA Handbooks
  • GS3 Espresso machine
  • Red Lights
  • 2 x Coffee Machines & Grinders
  • Barista Toolkit
IKAWA Sample Roaster
1KG JYR Electric Roaster
5KG Rio Roaster
22kg Phantom Roaster
240KG IMF Roaster
SCA Cupping Room
San Remo Training Room
Wega Coffee Training Room
Meeting Room

Need help? Through our Coffee Commune membership network, we can also assist with:

  • Business Coaching
  • Equipment for cafes
  • Label designs
  • Access to suppliers
  • Brand creation

Coffee Roasting Courses FAQ's

What are the benefits of taking a coffee roasting course?

When you take a coffee roasting course, you’re skipping ahead of others who may be learning on the job. By understanding the art of roasting, cleaning and how to operate the coffee roasting equipment, you’re one step ahead. Get your foot in the door to running your own coffee business with our excellent courses. Plus, learning with experts ensures that they can look out for any mistakes or mishaps that you as a beginner may have overlooked or you can refine and add to your skills if you’re more seasoned operator.

Why should I take a coffee roasting course from The Coffee Commune?

The Coffee Commune is a community of coffee and hospitality professionals, driven by the belief that we can grow stronger and achieve more together. We understand that learning how to roast coffee can take years to master, which is why our expert team of coffee gurus can help you learn how to blend, roast and pour a delicious cup that will impress even the harshest coffee critics.

Is coffee roasting profitable?

If you’re hoping to launch your own coffee business, we can confidently say that roasting coffee is profitable and a promising approach for cafe growth. For more information on coffee roasting and how to perfect the art, you can always reach out to our team for more information, tips and advice. We would be more than happy to help.

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