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Naked Syrups

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Naked Syrups… We’re not afraid to get bear naked. What you see is what you get!

A complete beverage brand with a big personality that only uses Natural flavours & colours, Gluten Free, Australian Made & Vegan Australia Certified. Supplying beverage powders, flavourings, sweet sauces & much more. The Naked Syrups beverage range has been designed for shakes, baking, sodas, frappes, iced teas, coffee or as far as your imagination stretches across your menu throughout the entire year.

You can use the Naked Syrups drinking Chocolate Powder to make a hot chocolate or chocolate frappe, as well as to make a lava cake or brownie.

Or the Naked Syrups Neutral Frappe Base Powder, which acts as a stabiliser and is designed to be an all-round beverage base for all kinds of drinks, bringing out flavour and adding texture. It can be used on all cold beverages, frappes, fruit smoothies and shakes.

#AustralianMade #NaturalFlavours #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly

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