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Baristaequip, formerly known as Barista Technology Australia, is Australia’s leading cafe technology company based in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. As the country’s number one cafe technology provider, we specialise in delivering innovative solutions that streamline cafe operations, reduce the need for skilled labor, minimise training costs, and enhance production efficiency.

Our comprehensive product range features state-of-the-art technologies designed to revolutionise the coffee industry. With offerings such as the Puqpress automatic tamping systems, Flow telemetry, Mahlkonig grinders, Perfect Moose milk automation, Slayer, and Eversys Coffee machines, we provide everything cafes need to optimize their workflow and deliver exceptional coffee experiences.

Experience our latest advancements by exploring the MilkIQ milk system, capable of texturing up to five different milks simultaneously, ensuring consistent and perfectly textured milk for a variety of specialty coffee beverages. Additionally, our Flow auto-adjusting grinder technology guarantees optimal grind consistency, adapting to the specific requirements of each coffee blend.

Baristaequip is committed to driving excellence, reducing costs, and increasing productivity for cafes across Australia. Visit us today to witness firsthand how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your cafe’s performance and elevate the quality of your coffee offerings.

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