International Coffee Traders:

International Coffee Traders (ICT) is our green bean arm at The Coffee Commune. We established ICT to give roasters direct access to our extensive network of green bean producers globally. We can provide small or large allotments of green beans to meet any need. We also offer customers access to our years of experience in operating and marketing successful coffee roasting businesses.

United by a shared passion for sourcing and providing the world’s best beans, we develop long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with producers at origin for the highest quality coffee beans. Through these relationships, we provide consistent supply and expertise to roasters.

We offer our customers more than just green beans. From unique blend development to smarter stock management and business support, we are ready to share our expertise in operating successful coffee businesses.

Intro to Micro Roasters:

Establishing yourself as a micro-roaster or making the switch from purchasing roasted beans to roasting your own is an exciting prospect. Learning how to source and roast the finest green beans will quickly develop into a passion for creating unique blends your customers will love.

It isn’t learned from a book and it can’t be mastered in a day. Consider us your guide on the journey to creating the finest quality coffee and building business success. We offer:

  • Master Classes
  • Origin Tours
  • Roasting Advice
  • Blend Development

For wholesale:

As a customer of ICT, our extensive network of coffee producers becomes your network. All our coffee is sourced directly from producers, and all our beans can be traced back to the producer at the origin.

With access to beans from all over the world, we can ensure continuity and consistency of supply and offer year-round availability of beans to match your unique blend offerings.

Our customers enjoy access to the expertise and experience of Australia’s leading coffee authorities, sharing their extensive knowledge of sourcing green beans, mastering the roast, and building a successful coffee business.

If you’d like to know more about green bean supply and the art and science of producing outstanding coffee, contact us.


Green Coffee Beans Delivered