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When: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, 6th June 2024

Where: The Coffee Commune, 82 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills QLD

Cost: Complimentary - registration is essential



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If you’ve got a serious passion for coffee, then mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss out on our upcoming ‘Coffee Roasting Open House’.

It’s not just any event—it’s a chance to dive deep into the fascinating world of coffee roasting while having a blast!

Date: Thursday 6th June 2024
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: The Coffee Commune, Bowen Hills

Here’s why you should be there:

    • Unleash Your Inner Coffee Geek – Ever wondered what goes into creating that perfect cup? Here, you’ll uncover the secrets behind the magic. From green bean varieties to roasting techniques, we’ll spill the beans on everything you need to know to up your coffee game.
    • Get Hands-On – No theoretical lectures here! We’re all about getting your hands dirty (well, maybe just a little bit). Get up close and personal with state-of-the-art roasting equipment and try your hand at different methods, as well as tasting some of the most innovative coffees around!
    • Connect and Conquer – Coffee brings people together, and our event is no different. Rub elbows with fellow baristas, coffee fanatics, and industry pros. Who knows, you might just meet your new coffee BFF!
    • Fuel Your Passion – Whether you’re a coffee pro looking to level up or just someone who really, really loves their morning brew, this event is for you. It’s a chance to expand your knowledge, meet like-minded peeps, and maybe even kickstart your own coffee empire.

Best of all? It won’t cost you a thing! That’s right, admission is totally FREE.

So come down and join us for some coffee-fueled fun, friendship, and maybe a few surprises along the way. See you there!

*Please note, photos and videos may be taken throughout the event for promotional purposes.


The Coffee Commune

The Coffee Commune, 82 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills QLD

If you have any questions please contact The Coffee Commune