How 5 different roasters have tapped into The Coffee Commune to save money and time

The Coffee Commune

Whether you’re starting a new coffee brand from scratch or have an established roasting brand, a shared production facility is a great way to operate your business. But not all roasting facilities are created equal.

The Coffee Commune is a world-class facility in Bowen Hills that not only provides use of its premises and equipment, but also helps local roasters develop their skills and grow their businesses to become profitable, efficient and sustainable.

It’s also neutral territory, which means roasters and cafe owners can hire and use roasting equipment and packaging machines for their business without compromising their individuality and the uniqueness of their brand.

Here are five real life examples of small and large roasters who have moved production to The Coffee Commune. Find out how they have reduced their costs and gained more time back into their lives.

1. This small roaster went from wanting to sell his business to scaling and growing it within three weeks.

The owner of a small coffee roastery in the Fraser Coast approached the Commune about buying his wholesale business. At the time, he was producing around 200kg of coffee a week, but he wanted to get out of the coffee business completely.

Why? Production took too long. Working from a 5kg roasting machine, his production process alone took three to four days – and that’s not including time for packing, preparing, shipping & getting it out to his clients.

He was over it, and wanted his life back. But when he asked us if we were interested in buying, we had something different in mind. “What if you could keep your wholesale business – and free up all of your time – by moving production to The Coffee Commune?”

Our coffee production team carried out a feasibility study and ran some numbers, giving him the costs and potential savings of using The Coffee Commune’s facilities. Three weeks later, he came back to us and said, “I don’t want to sell my business anymore – I want to grow my business.”

We’re now producing coffee for him full time, and he has gained an extra three days back in his life. That’s more time to spend building up his client base and growing the business, rather than time spent in production.

He’s still keeping the original 5kg roaster as a showpiece, but now he’s got more time and money to focus on other projects.

2. This large roaster turned his overhead costs into savings

A large roaster in Melbourne had outgrown their equipment and were spending two to three days a week roasting two tonnes of coffee. Located in a fairly expensive area, they were also spending far too much on operational costs (warehouse, equipment, green beans, staff, transport and more). With a client base tightening up since COVID-19, this roaster was struggling to keep their business viable.

After carrying out a feasibility study, we proposed that they consolidate their operational costs by shutting down their entire facility and moving the whole production up to The Coffee Commune, where we have more than 10 roasting machines on site.

Since the move, this roaster is saving between $120k-$150k a year on costs – money that now goes straight into their bottom line.

3. This upstart barista built his own coffee brand with zero start-up costs

After working for other brands for a long time, a well-known and well respected barista in the industry decided he wanted to create something of his own.

He was keen to be quite hands-on in the process, so we provided him with the facilities and equipment, as well as any guidance and support he needed along the way. Now he roasts here once a week, and handles all of the roasting and packing himself.

Our shared roasting equipment, packaging machines, laboratories, workspaces and training facilities have helped get his coffee brand off the ground. The best part is that besides his membership fee, there are no start-up costs. That’s right, absolutely zero. He doesn’t pay for anything until he receives an order – then he buys the green beans, fulfils the order and gets paid.

4. This busy roaster was at maximum capacity, so we picked up the overflow

With several massive orders coming through at once, this roaster in Brisbane’s northern suburbs didn’t have the staff, machinery or equipment needed to fulfil them.

We jumped in as an overflow facility, roasting an extra tonne of beans on their behalf. Maintaining control and being part of the production was important to them, so they brought a crew in to oversee the roasting process with us.

The size of our equipment means we are able to roast large volumes in a short period of time, so whenever they’re in a sticky situation they can just give us a call.

5. Roaster breaks down, so we got production rolling again – ahead of schedule

When their machine broke down, this roaster in northern New South Wales needed more than three tonnes of coffee to be roasted in two days.

We sent our transport team down to pick up their green beans, brought them back to our warehouse and roasted their coffee seamlessly. They never missed an order and their customers didn’t even know they had an issue.

The end result meant they were actually ahead of schedule – we had produced two weeks worth of coffee for them. Perhaps more importantly, after 16 years without a holiday, the owner finally felt he could take two weeks off every year and leave the roasting to us.

How do you know if our roasting facility is right for you?

With each of the above cases, our expert coffee production team talked through different scenarios to come up with the best solution for each brand. You can roast yourself or let us roast for you, bring your own beans or buy raw green beans directly from us – the choice is yours. Each option is quoted for you and the potential savings discussed with you before a single bean is roasted.

If you would like to find out whether your business can benefit from The Coffee Commune – regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent use – contact our roasting team at [email protected] for a free feasibility study.

The Coffee Commune is currently working with more than 50 local small and medium roasters to produce coffee that can be found in more than 800 sites across the nation. Sign up for a free feasibility study to get insights into how we can help your business.

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